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ArmaGado® Dome Shelter

ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter 350*215
ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter from above
ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter
ArmaGado Dome Shelter

ArmaGado Dome Shelter

ArmaGado Dome Shelter is a sustainably made wooden structure, perfect for creating the right atmosphere in your garden, event or business. It can easily integrate in many types of environments, be it contemporary or traditional, creating a special atmosphere. Besides, it’s charming presence is also extremely  eye-catching, making any space stand out.

The Uniqueness of ArmaGado

ArmaGado Dome Shelter is extremely stable and secure due to the thorough construction and design efforts. Different from other domes, it’s angles (connection points) are entirely seamless and precisely cut down to perfection – something that’s achieved by careful complex geometrical calculations.

“It is well known for many that the round shapes are the most stable shapes in nature and that the gravity helps in the creation of such shapes.”
Some researches show also that the people prefer round shapes and objects that evoke safety, calmness, peacefulness and relaxation.

Why ArmaGado Dome Shelter is what you need

Research shows that round objects evoke safety, calmness, peacefulness and relaxation. Couple that with the sheltering effect, the natural elements and shapes, you have yourself a real heaven!

ArmaGado provides shelter and is the perfect structure that will motivate you to be outside, yet feel protected from harsh sun, or strong wind. We won’t be surprised if you will decide to make ArmaGado your future office space or reading corner.

ArmaGado provides safe play area for children, and it’s also a special location for family events, or a way to make every breakfast or lunch special, not to even mention how a possible romantic dinner for two could be arranged there. The possibilities are endless!

Choosing natural elements for your garden is the way to go, no doubt about it.

Possibilities are truly endless when it comes to utilising ArmaGado – shelter for your outdoor Jacuzzi, BBQ, outdoor bar, exhibition stand. ArmaGado is so spacious, it can shelter up to 20 people!

ArmaGado Shelter UCJC Ultimate

Storm Resistant

Unlike any other outdoor structures, the shape of our product is capable to sustain the constantly increasing windstorms, replacing all currently on the market plastic/ metal-framed gazebos.

Made to Last

For your peace of mind, we offer it with up to 10 years guarantee against timber decay when regular and proper maintenance is performed annually.

Any location

Integrates well to any type of outdoor space, garden or location.

Renewable Materials

Designed with renewable materials , the ArmaGado Dome Shelter is 98% environmentally friendly.

ArmaGado Shelter UCJC Ultimate

Hand Made

The number of components we use is in the excess of 200. Each part of the frame is cut by hand to the exact angles and length. Then treated by hand with UV and water-resistant coatings that will protect the wood from the elements.

All in One Service



The manufacturing process can take anything from 4 to 10 weeks. Sometimes longer, depending on product availability.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery & Installation

Our installation team will deliver and carry-out the installation of the ArmaGado Dome Shelter in approximately 3-4 days.

Optional Extras and Upgrades


We can can offer you wide choice of accessories and additions to compliment your desired usage. Just ask for more details we are happy to help.



Just like every wooden structure requires, the ArmaGado Dome Shelter will need an annual maintenance too. We are happy to help with that too!

Building works

If any surface preparation works are required before the installation, we can help you with that too.

Paving Circle


• External diameter ~ 5m
• External height ~ 2.9m
• Outer space – ~ 19m2
• Internal area – ~ 18m2
• Coating thickness – 6mm
• Wooden beams ~ 45mm x 70mm

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