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Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Fitting

A bathroom is one aspect of refurbishing that one simply cannot overlook. Usually, during renovating of the place, the owners forego redesigning their bathroom, resulting in a mixed look for the whole place. Bathrooms tend to reflect a person’s taste and on the other hand, a well-designed functional bathroom is definitely a great way to make someone feel comfortable and relaxed at your place. After a long, busy day at work, a good bath is what certainly relaxes the most. We at UCJC Ultimate Building Services strive to provide you with your dream bathroom in its whole grandeur without compromising on functionality.

From Discussing all details for your New bathroom to selecting a Suitable Supplier, Arranging the Supply, Carrying the installation and any other building works if needed, we can do it all. Structural repairs, Heating, Electrics, Plumbing, Tiling, Custom Alterations, Plastering, to Decorating it to your exact specifications.

A modern functional bathroom certainly has become a necessity in today’s world. To keep it clean, presentable and stylish, it is better to start off with a fresh slate. With our new, contemporary and traditional designs, there is something in store to cater to everybody’s needs. One can even fuse the two together to give it a whole new personalized look. Looking to renovate on a budget? We’ve got you covered.

Why us?

By being in the building and renovation industry for a few years we have accumulated a significant amount of satisfied and happy customers. Our portfolio ranges from full home renovations to room specifications only and everything in-between.

UCJC Ultimate Building Services always keeps the needs and requirements of the client a priority and above all. Only through your approval will we go forward with the work that needs to be done.

Market-wise, we offer competitive and affordable prices and our bathroom renovation services vary from flooring only, bathroom fixture installation to transforming it completely.

We aim to deliver timely projects, without having our customers to worry too much.

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Give us a call at 01908 887 317 or write to us at info@ucjc.co.uk

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