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The Way We Work

Establish the Needs for Refurbishment
1. Meeting with the client

2. Visual Inspection to Property

3. Identifying client needs, potential risks and opportunities involved with the refurbishment

4. Work required to be done is priced for client consideration and approval.
Confirm Client Requirement
1. Plans for refurbishment management are developed consistent with the client

2. Risk factors are identified and steps taken to protect client interests

3. Service schedules and budgets are negotiated, implemented, monitored and activities adjusted
to achieve outcomes required by the client

4. The refurbishment project team is formed.
Roles and responsibilities in relation to agreed outcomes are agreed and documented

5. Unbiased tender processes are implemented and suitable subcontractors appointed consistent with the client's specifications
Implement Refurbishment Management Services Contract
1. Team input to project objectives is coordinated to the satisfaction of the client.

2. Performance in relation to timelines are regularly monitored

3. Necessary variations or adjustments are negotiated with subcontractors and the client, and agreed outcomes documented

4. Refurbishments are completed according to plan and within budget and time constraints, to client and statutory requirements

5. Reports and administrative procedures are completed to UCJC and client specifications
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Evaluate & Report on Refurbishment Outcomes
1. Client satisfaction with refurbishment is determined and recorded to UCJC specification

2. Contingencies affecting the project, and strategies used to manage these successfully, are recorded

3. Processes involved in reaching objectives are evaluated for quality, added value and contribution to further refurbishment management opportunities

4. Team and individual contributions to the project are recorded for future reference.
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