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Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Our Home Renovation Services

We know that Home renovations can be stressful and require a lot of planning. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire the professionals for such endeavours. If you are on the lookout for the home renovation specialists, then UCJC Ultimate has got you covered as we are a company of choice for many people.

Firstly, our aim is to keep your inconvenience at a minimal level during the renovation process. As a result, we would execute the job in minimal time and also with optimum quality. At UCJC Ultimate we follow a customer-centric approach and concentrates on all the necessary information related to the job. Our customer’s complete satisfaction is one of the main aims in order to complete the projects successfully.

The services we offer are :

Complete and Partial Home Renovations;
Energy Efficiency Upgrades; 
Home Automations and Custom Upgrades;
Minor and Major Repairs;
Annual and Regular Upkeep Maintenance; 
Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades;


Our team of highly qualified engineers, interior designers and planners are well equipped with all the necessary set of tools and latest equipment to make your space absolutely captivating. Additionally, our experienced team contains plumbers, woodworkers, painters and electricians. Enhancing the visual worth of a residential or commercial property is not our solitary objective, we are committed to boosting the quality of life and resale value of your space.

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You can rely upon us for all sort of residential renovation and reconfiguration.

Call today at  01908 887 317 or drop a mail at info@ucjc.co.uk to set up an initial consultation.

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