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Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Of Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings

Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Of Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings

With modern day life, no one can live without technology. If you are living in an old building then you may find it difficult to live in and maintain that place. In this case, you need to improve that building and take it up to the level of modern technologies and if you are planning to do that then let us do the work for you. At UCJC Ultimate Building Services we provide the services of energy efficiency & retrofit of old traditional buildings.

we will also consider all of the following:

  • Age, nature and characteristics of the building
  • Heritage values and significance
  • Materials and construction methods used
  • Principles of conservation, repair and maintenance
  • Local and regional variations
  • Specialist investigation
  • Building performance and implications for introducing energy efficiency measures
  • Implications of common building defects
  • How alterations since original construction affect thermal performance of the building

After providing this important information to you we will certainly help you save your money in the long run by taking some precautionary measures. We will use the integrated design process to optimizing energy performance of it. Using these processes increases system reliability and delivers healthier, more productive living, learning and working area.

Why us?

At UCJC Ultimate building Services, we are providing these services for many years and with this experience.Therefore, we came to know that every customer’s needs are personalised and different because every building is not the same. We have a team of expert professionals who have years of experience in this business and they are dedicated to reliable building operation and reducing cost. So when hiring us you can be set assured that your work is carried out by a professional and experienced team. Clients’ satisfaction and safety is the paramount importance for us. We only get happy if our client is happy with our services. So the quality of work is never compromised because you will only get satisfied if the quality of work is premium.

We provide our services at affordable prices so if you are on a budget you can still hire our expert services. At UCJC Ultimate we have updated technology, energy retrofits and central plant strategies that certainly  improve existing assets in all buildings. We do our job with minimal disruption and no fuss at all. If you interested in doing business with us then you can get a free estimate of the cost you have to incur during this work, by filling the online form available on our website, our customer care will get to you soon and provide you with the relative information.

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You can rely upon us for all sort of residential renovation and reconfiguration.

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